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Current Macros and Goals

Although I don't plan on competing this year, I will be doing a few photo shoots. Part of my contract obligations with Gaspari is to do so many a year and I can't wait to shoot with them and see what we can develop together. I will also be in the next issue of Most Muscular Magazine (*shameless plug)

I like to stay in shape year round because it's important to me. Everyone has their own idea of what "in shape" is and my idea of being in shape is when I can still see my abs, feel tight every where, like what I see before I get into the shower and when I do double unders, nothing jiggles.

Besides the superficial aspect of it all, I also like to be able to sprint and not get winded, I like to do 50-100 unbroken double-unders and still be able to breathe afterwards and I like my clothes to fit a certain way. I am the nerdiest, goofiest person I know so I like to run and do crazy stuff all the time just for the heck of it and need to be able to keep doing those things. Those are things that I monitor as myself being "in shape" or not.

Not everyone wants to be lean or shredded so never define yourself of being in shape off of someone else's definition.

One thing I use my social media platform for is to be an example to others. If I am constantly getting "out of shape" throughout the year and saying "oh but I am in of-season", that isn't what I like to portray as living a healthy lifestyle. Let's be honest, you are not adopting this lifestyle as your own if you are only in shape 12-18 weeks out of the year and use the rest of the year to throw it all out the window so you can say "but I am in off season".

I do have an off season and have been in my off season since September. My off season is just as important to me as when I am getting ready for a show or shoot. I actually feel it is more important because if you do things the wrong way, you can gain more body fat than muscle and muscle is what we are targeting right? I want to gain as much muscle as possible, while limiting the fat gain. This is important so when it is time to start cutting, you don't have too kill yourself with hours of cardio or starve yourself and it makes life much more enjoyable when you are not living in the gym, just to get rid of body fat. Until last week I have just been maintaining. Last Sunday I started putting myself in a calorie surplus so I can start gaining muscle.

One thing I said I would do is post my macros on my website and make it public so you can learn from me and see how I do things. I will show you how I adjust my calories either decreasing and increasing them to get to my desired goal. I just finished week one of staying tight while growing and I have outlined my current macros in the next section.

This past week my macros were:

58g of fat

302g of carbs

410g of protein

Current weight is 237

Current body fat is 8%

Height 6'2"

I had three cheat meals this weekend (I am going to be honest). I had sushi for a late lunch on Friday and later that night I had burgers and M&M's. Yesterday I had a large popcorn at the movies and more peanut M&M's and then Taco Bell on the way home. I know what you are thinking, that is a little excessive right?

Last Sunday through Friday around 3 PM I was 100% so I did't gain an ounce. I lifted 5 and a half days because I wouldn't call yesterdays shoulder session a good season because it was an off day and I just went and did a few rounds. I did pilates once and I did 6 days of HIIT at 30 minutes for my cardio.

I am about to go train legs and I took a picture of my breakfast for you so you can see what a typical breakfast is for me.

I had:

  • 10 egg whites

  • 2 whole eggs

  • 1 english muffin (food for life brand)

  • two pieces of whole wheat sprouted bread

  • 1 banana

  • 1 tbs of peanut butter

  • 2 ham slices

Total macros for the above is:

  • 939 calories

  • 28g of fat (literally half my fat for the day, what was I thinking)

  • 94g of carbs

  • 78g of protein

I like to tailor most of my carbs around my training and today is leg day, that is why this first meal is so carb intensive.

I hope this helps. I don't do detailed dieting all day every day. Traveling is what I love to do and I love to enjoy life and eat on plates and not out of zip lock bags so I do IIFYM. I eat 90% clean unprocessed foods, limit sugar intake but the other 10% are cheat meals and breads, etc.

Feel free to email me and ask questions along the way while you are working towards a better healthier you.


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