• Erik Delarosa

Check Ins, Progress Pictures & Current Macros

Check ins and progress pictures:

I am a firm believer in check ins and progress photos. Whether you are the one sending it to your coach on a recurring basis, doing them for yourself or posting on social media asking for feedback. Check ins should consist of weighing yourself and taking photos at the same time of the day every time you do your stats. The morning is the best time to do it. Before bed is skewed because you are holding more subcutaneous water than when you awake because you have been asleep and not moving around much. So once you get out of bed, weigh and then take your photos. After your photos are finished, you can do your measurements and see what moved from the prior check in.

The reason we do this is important for progress. That is why we call them progress pictures/progress stat updates. I prefer to not do mine for myself but to send them to a coach that I hire. We don't see ourselves as someone else would. We know what bothers us about our physique and we focus on the negative, instead of focusing on the positive. I am a health coach. When my clients send me their progress photos, I immediately open an app and compare them from starting to where they are now and look at a few things. The first measuements I look for in fat loss are the waist and the hips.

When I look at my own progress photos myself, I start second guessing everything. Some days I feel too small and want to gain, the next week I feel to big and want to lose weight. I hire a coach so I can just have fun with it and someone else can figure it out. Some people do their own and they do well. If you are one of those people, continue to do so. If you aren't and you are like me, then hire a coach. I would absolutely love to be your coach and help you with your journey. You can find my fees and read about the way I operate at the following link:

As Promised:

Current conditioning and current macros:

My current macros are now:

Fats: 58g

Carbs: 338g

Proteins: 419g

Current conditioning:

Let me know if you start doing your own progress pics or really focusing on weekly changes. When you post them on FB or IG, tag me so I can check it out!



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