• Erik Delarosa

Blueberry Heaven Smoothie Recipe

Yesterday I picked my daughter up from school to take her to dance and of course after she kissed and hugged me she said, “let’s go to smoothie king!!!”

Thursday’s are our day to go get a snack together or go to Starbucks before she dances for two and a half hours straight practicing for he recital next month. 

I asked her, “what do you want from smoothie king?” She said, “I want the blueberry heaven smoothie. In the back of my mind, I knew I had to somehow get this package mailed off to a potential vendor in New York for Patsy G Mustard knowing I just ran out of ink printing his mailing slip so I had to go to Office Depot, go home and print the mailing labrl again, go to the post office AND get her a snack before dance started in an hour. 

Well as any busy dad that is a pro at making smoothies as well as holds an MBA in Finance who doesn’t like to spend money frivolously would do, I googled the recipe because I have protein powder at my house and the ingredients to make it. 🤗

Kids love to make things so I showed her the ingredients list, and she was excited. I made her a smoothie and made myself one as well and it came out perfect. She loved it and I loved it. My package was mailed off, I saved money, fed her and she was able to make it to dance on time. 

I wanted to share the recipe because this smoothie was so good so here it is. 

Blueberry Heaven Smoothie


🍓Greek yogurt - Fat Free - 227g 🍓Blueberries frozen- 70g 🍓Banana frozen - 100g 

🍓Precision Protein - Vanilla Ice Cream - 32g 🍓Almond Milk - Unsweetened 2 ounces  🍓1/2 cup crushed ice


Put in a blender and blend well. I hate chunks of ice so I blend for a while. 


Calories 404

Fat 4g

Carbs 45g

Protein 50g

Treat yo-self! 

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**please excuse any typos or grammatical errors, I typed this blog on my phone. 


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