• Erik Delarosa

Macro Changes From Bulking Phase to Cutting Phase

I am going to keep this simple and short. I am going to tell you the macros I was on when I was bulking and I got up to 250 pounds. I will be posting more blogs regularly, so you can see how I cut down.

I will post the macros and also how many times I weight train and do cardio so you can get a feel for how to do things right. What do I mean by right?

When you bulk, the goal is to gain as much muscle as possible without gaining as much fat as possible. My specialty as a coach is reverse dieting. I reverse diet so this happens. I am always in shape year round and I alway stay around 5-75 body fat when I bulk (reverse diet).

The goal for cutting is to keep as much muscle as possible while losing more body fat. Its easy to burn muscle when you are cutting especially if you do things wrong. IMO, wrong is doing too much cardio and not eating enough calories. If someone has you doing cardio twice a day, I would think they don't know what they are doing as a coach. It doesn't have to be that extreme.

Two weeks ago I was at the end of my bulking plan. The macros I was on were:

I was eating around 4600 calories

120g of fat

405g of carbs.

476g of protein

Now people that have no idea what they are talking about will say my protein is too high and blah blah blah, but I had complete blood work done like I always do when I get my physical and everything is perfect. My body can most definatley process this much protein. After all I was 250 lbs so I can eat up to 500g of protein if I want to. That doesn't mean I have to, but I can. I was doing around 3-4 days of cardio around 30 minutes a day. Some weeks during the month of March and April I didn't do any cardio because I got bronchitis.

Today I am on the following macros:

Around 3400 calories

77g of fat

248g of carbs

470g of protein

I was 236 pounds this past Monday so I have lost 14 pounds in three weeks. I am doing 6 days of cardio at 35 minutes a day.

I will reevaluate my weight and measurements tomorrow and I may make some changes and keep you posted this week.

Train hard y'all!!!!


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