• Erik Delarosa

Two Weeks Into the Cutting Phase

Last week I mentioned that I was excited to start cutting. What causes that excitement? I think it’s the initial visual changes of your body losing water weight and when you look in the mirror and you start to see more lines and you look more conditioned and vascular in the gym. I started my third week of the cutting phase yesterday and, I’ll be honest, this weekend was a tough one for me. During the week I’m golden. I hit my macros without any issues. Then, Saturday comes and I’m wanting to eat everything. If I didn’t have a goal, it would be tough to not listen to my inner fat boy and devour whatever I wanted to! I had my one cheat meal on Saturday afternoon. That night, I went to see the new Avengers movie and it was three hours long. An hour into the movie, I found myself getting more candy because the candy I snuck in was already eaten the first thirty minutes of the movie. But, that was part of my cheat meal and Sunday when I woke up, I had not gained any weight. Win! Sunday is usually a good day for me because I treat it like any other day of the week as far as eating and training goes. It’s the first day of the week so something about doing well on a Sunday helps me start my week off right. Yesterday was no different. I got up, had my meal, killed legs in the gym and stayed on plan. But then, last night I was invited out for sushi. That wasn’t on my meal plan but I ordered sashimi and then had two rolls that I ordered as clean as possible. What I mean by that is no tempura, no salmon (because of the fat content), no mayo, cream cheeses or other sauces. I chalked that up to a win, but when I got home, I had a muffin and some donut holes = fail. 🙊 Did I beat myself up or did I enjoy it and get up today and go train? I enjoyed it, I got up early and went to the 7 am club pilates class and now about to go train. We all mess up or make mistakes. It’s life. Never beat yourself up about it. Learn from it and move on. Do better! I say that a lot because you don’t learn from past mistakes if you don’t constantly try and do better. If you had a similar weekend, I want you to focus on this week. It’s a new week. Find a goal because I’m telling you, if I didn’t have a goal, I wouldn’t care so much about not cheating daily. That’s why I always find some sort of tangible goal and make that a reason to do better during the week. If you have a goal, tell me what they are in the comment section below because I would love to hear them. My short term goal is to look amazing this weekend at EDC vegas with 40,000 people there. I was recognized a few times at Coachella from my IG followers and it feels good for people to say I look like my photos because I keep it real on my social media. No photo shopping, just realness. My longer goal (but still short term) is I’m doing a shoot with Gaspari for their ads. It is important to me that I show up for that in top shape! My macros are in a previous blog and I will post the changes to my macros that I make this week. Have a great week and train hard. Erik *please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes, I am typing this blog from my cell phone. 

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