• Erik Delarosa

Summer Issue of Most Muscular Magazine

When I first started lifting weights it was only to better myself and lose some weight and get in shape. I didn’t have any intentions other than to create a leaner and healthier me. I used to pick up magazines in the stores and read them and want to be like the people inside of them. The idea of me being in a magazine wasn’t something I even thought was possible. After a few years in the industry my main goal was to keep improving myself as well as inspiring and motivating others around me and on social media. Fast forward a few years and I landed my first cover in 2013 for Faith and Fitness Magazine. I have since been in numerous fitness magazines, amazon.com, bodybuilding.com and other fitness websites for advertisements for Labrada Nutrition and Gaspari Nutrition but I have never been a featured athlete in an actual spread in a major publication until today and I wanted to share it with you all. The easiest way for you to check it is to digitally download it by clicking the cover image below:

Here is the message from the editor in chief about the issue:

“In this issue we are proud to have on our cover, 2018 Arnold Sports Australia Champion IFBB Pro Roelly Winklaar bringing his arm workout to you. Speaking of Champions, we don’t just have one, we have two major winners in this issue, break out star 2018 New York Pro Champion Shaun "GK" Clarida IFBB Pro is gracing the pages of Most Muscular. Also debuting Olympia competitor IFBB Pro Figure Andrea Pollard, taking you through her shredded leg workout. Next up is NPC Athlete Men’s Physique competitor Erik Delarosa who is known for his stunning GQ looks and bellowing round shoulders. And one of the greats and fan favorites, Victor Martinez work out along with his Total Chest Domination. See what Dr. Ken says in this issue along with Dr. Z on his nutrition article. Bodybuilders Kitchen is packed with six stunning high protein low fat recipes that will make your mouth water.” Gregory James

Hope you enjoy it as much as I am. Keep grinding and keep working hard on your goals and it will all happen.

Thank you for all the continued support!

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