• Erik Delarosa

Trying out Keto

The pictures above are before keto and a few days after I started keto. A few of you have emailed me asking what made me try keto. I have a few clients that want to do it so as a coach, I felt like I needed to understand what it really feels like to do it. It would be the same as a coach instructing you to do a burpee and giving you 1000 of them but they don’t know what it feels like to do one of them.

As a coach I wanted to be able to feel what my clients would feel. I want to be able to understand what they are going through from the menus to the aspect of the emotional part of it, the ketosis part of it, the brain fog, all of it.

That’s the kind of coach I am. I am going to do it for a few more weeks and go back to my method that I like the best. Moderate carbs, low fats and moderate protein. I love all foods and you must do what’s best for you to make you successful.

I’ve been studying and studying and it’s a science just like the methods I currently use backed by science. The thing with Keto is your fats, carbs and proteins HAVE to be a certain level of your daily intake or you will never hit ketosis. These gimmicks with these multi level marketing schemes are what’s making the keto diet popular. Everyone is selling these ketones and it’s basically a mix with BHB in it that you can get on Amazon cheap. In my opinion, those companies with the pyramid marketing scheme are bogus and you don’t need them or any other product to reach ketosis. BHB does help, especially if you play around too much and not hitting your macros for ketosis but I will get into this later.

Bottom line is, all need is a good nutrition plan. I do think it works but so do other programs. Just like other programs, if you don’t do it correctly it’s not going to work.

You have to do what’s sustainable for you and your lifestyle.

Hope that answers any questions you have about why I’m doing it. I will keep you updated with my progress. Also, if you havent watched the movie, "The Magic Pill" on Netflix, you should. My friend Ryan told me about it and it also made me want to try keto.

For coaching, email me at erik@erikdelarosa.com

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