• Erik Delarosa

What body part do you start the week off with?

I always start my week off on Sunday and I always start my week off with legs usually. When you have a lagging body part, try and train them 2-3 times a week while training all other body parts the same.

I always do one day of really high volume hamstrings and glutes, one day of quads and then one day of legs and glutes shaping.

Check out this workout I did. I started off with banded straight leg deadlifts. Remember this is for the hamstrings and glutes. Before you come up, squeeze the glutes and before you go down, squeeze them as well.

I then went on to the standing hamstring curl machine.

After that I did a ton of leg presses. I then did a reverse drop set and then a drop set putting the maximum weight on the leg press, then taking them off one plate at a time.

Try this next time. Your legs will be screaming. After this, I always finish with a good 8 sets of calves.

Check the video out below.


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