• Erik Delarosa

Getting back up!

Have you ever fallen off the wagon with your fitness journey? I have. We all have.  

Have you ever let it get you down, make you depressed, angry or feel like you failed yourself or someone else that was counting on you? I have. We all have. 

Lately I have had some people really close to me, as well as a few clients reflect on their journey and start again. Some have been on the fence or going backwards for months. I know I have. Its okay to slip, and its okay to miss a day and enjoy the moment. 

The main thing is you have to sit back, reflect, refocus and start again. Think about why you started in the first place? For me, I was an overweight kid who had lost the weight and then gained it back and I was tired of the yo-yo back and forth. I had to get serious and it had to be a lifestyle. 

For you, it may be for different reasons but for all of us, we need to focus on our health. Know that it makes you feel better after you finish a workout, it improves your posture, gives you more confidence, makes you healthier and gives you an overall better sense of well-being. 

Focus on those things. If you focus on getting a 6 pack, that isn’t enough. If you need help, let me know. I am a coach that preaches balance. I don’t live out of a zip lock baggie and I don’t expect my clients to. I teach my clients it has to be a lifestyle. A lifestyle that can also include working a lot, having a family, a social life, events, traveling and we have to know how to maneuver throughout these life moments. 

So if this is you, I want you to reflect! Refocus and regroup and get back on it today. We are all in this together. 

Comment if you ever went through this and what is something that has helped you get back on it or are you still struggling?  


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