• Erik Delarosa

Transparency, Self Esteem and Social Media

I was an overweight kid from the age of 8 to 19. Those were some rough years for me from a body image perspective but also from some personal life challenges. I will spare you the story, but I hated my body. My brother even used to walk by me in the bathroom and make fun of me getting dressed.

I remember looking at fitness magazines and cover models and always comparing myself to them. One in particular was TJ Hoban. He had the best abs in the business and I thought I would never be able to look like. While it made me not like my body, it did motivate me.

Fast forward to a few years back. Iron Maxx supplement company out of Germany contacted me to go to Fibo to represent them. I said yes, flew to Germany and was their cover boy for all the brochures at Fibo. Thousands were passed out and fun fact, TJ Hoban was a past cover boy for them.

I think we forget sometimes where we come from because since then, I wouldn’t post much on social media that was “flawed”. Why? I don’t know because I am flawed. Aren’t we all? I have a thick waist, but I try my best to hide it.

Fast forward to today. I have two kids. One that is 9 and one that is 13. They both have some self esteem issues. Why? Society! I hate it. Lately, I have noticed that their age groups and low self esteem have a correlation. I remembered this weekend that around age 8, is when I started not liking my own body so I created this video in hopes that it may just help one person not compare themselves to anyone they see on social media.

I have clients, friends and myself that are always comparing ourselves to others and we shouldn’t do that. We need to learn to be happy in our own skin and love ourselves. Even the flawed parts. I started embracing my thick waist after seeing the rock who always keeps it real on his social media. He doesn’t have a tiny 28” waist and he is a bad ass.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Remember what Roosevelt said. “Comparison is the their of joy. He says comparing your work, life, or whatever else will only serve to make you unhappy.


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